What Are The Negative Effects Of Diets?

Many people going on an extreme diet are not aware of its negative consequences. A person must consume 1200-2600 calories per day depending on the age, gender, health condition, and activity level. Most extreme diets used to lose weight encourage the users to reduce intake of calories to a very low level. This can cause serious health problems. Some of it can be permanent and you will be unable to recover from the ailments or disability. There are many risks of extreme diets.

Lack of Nutrients
The human body needs some essential nutrients. You have to take a balanced diet to remain fit and healthy. Even when you are trying to lose weight, you cannot suddenly go on an extreme diet. Some diets recommend using only a particular type of foods or drinks. You cannot get all types of essential nutrients by eating only a particular group of foods. Each food item contains certain types of nutrients that cannot be found in many other foods. Your body has become used to lots of calories and if you suddenly starve it of essential nutrients, you will suffer health problems. Only a slow and gradual dieting plan are recommended. It is important to cut down on your intake of fatty and high-calorie foods and drinks. Any sudden, forced or extreme dieting will harm your health.

Slow Metabolism
You will feel tired and weak all the time without sufficient calories and nutrients. It will be difficult to do everyday activities properly. The lack of calorie and energy means your body will experience slow metabolism. It will try to conserve energy to power more important organs. You may fail to get rid of excess fat because your body will try to conserve the fat deposits to power itself. You will lose the muscle tone but not the fat, defeating the main purpose of dieting.

Uneven Loss of Muscles
An extreme diet that delivers quick result will leave your body with unnecessary fat and muscles at undesired places. You may lose weight but your muscles will not look toned. Muscles at some places will be reduced but left hanging at other places. This problem generally happens when an obese person tries to lose weight quickly.

Loose Skin
This is another problem caused by a quick weight loss diet. The extra skin that developed around your body to take care of the excess fat and muscles cannot suddenly melt away along with the internal fat deposits. The loose skin problem is more pronounced in individuals who were obese and went on an extreme diet to reduce the weight quickly. It is difficult to get rid of such loose skin without surgical procedures. A gradual and slow process of losing weight is recommended to avoid this problem.

Not a Stable and Long Term Solution
Fad diets can give you a quick weight loss result but it will not be the result you can sustain for long. As soon as you leave the diet, you will notice you have started gaining the weight. It will be back to square one and all your money and energy spent on the dieting will go in vain. The goal of a diet should be to achieve a long term healthy body that can be sustained and maintained. Quick weight loss can even be life-threatening in some cases. A dieting plan will prove ineffective unless you develop a healthy food regimen and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Unsatisfied and Uneasy Feelings
Foods and drinks not only provide calories but also make a person feel content. You can focus on your daily activities when you feel satisfied with your food intake. Extreme diets leave the users unsatisfied. You do not feel satiated and it will cause mood swing problems. It will be difficult to focus on the task at hand when you are always feeling hungry or devoid of energy. Many diets require users to replace daily meals with frugal meals or just shakes. This type of dieting puts the user on the starvation mode. The goal is to lose a massive amount of weight quickly. However, it will prove detrimental to your overall health.

Medical Problems
There are often news reports of people being hospitalized due to the severe side effects of their strict dieting. While emergency hospitalization incidents happen only occasionally, there are many other medical problems that people on extreme diet suffer. Your blood pressure level may shoot high or low suddenly. You may suffer certain heart problems. The long term consequences include damaged organs that fail to recover. Individuals already suffering from some disease are prone to more serious health risks when they go on an extreme diet without consulting their doctor.

Losing Things That You Do Not Want to Lose
An extreme diet plan can cause undesired consequences. While you are trying to lose only the excess fat, excessive dieting can cause loss of other things as well. All types of fats are not bad even for obese people. There are certain healthy fats, nutrients and other elements that the body needs for proper functioning. A fad diet designed to lose weight quickly can cause loss of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It can reduce your bone density. You will lose muscles in places where they are needed. It can cause undesired hormonal changes. Cortisol imbalance will increase your blood pressure, glucose, salt and stress levels.

First, study a diet plan carefully before starting it. Avoid those diets that are not suitable for your type of body, age and health condition. Always consult a doctor before going on a diet.